Bamboo flooring bathroom - Floor plan website - How to do hardwood flooring.


Bamboo flooring bathroom - Floor plan website - How to do hardwood flooring.

Bamboo Flooring Bathroom

bamboo flooring bathroom

  • A set of matching units to be fitted in such a room, esp. as sold together

  • a room (as in a residence) containing a bathtub or shower and usually a washbasin and toilet

  • toilet: a room or building equipped with one or more toilets

  • A room containing a toilet

  • A bathroom is a room that may have different functions depending on the culturalist context. In the most literal sense, the word bathroom means "a room with a bath".

  • A room containing a bathtub or a shower and usually also a washbasin and a toilet

second verse, same as the first.

second verse, same as the first.

so as i may or may not have mentioned, we spent a good number of months last year without a door for the bathroom. i'm pretty sure it came down in april or may when the bamboo floors were going down & i know it didn't come up till the day of our Thank God It's Hedonism party (the friday before thanksgiving). common practice was to announce to the household at large, "i'm going to the bathroom! don't look!" yes, this includes friends who came over for dinner/hangouts. it was ridiculous.

so when daniel hung the salvaged door shortly before thanksgiving, i didn't even care that it didn't latch b/c at least it CLOSED. it was unpainted --he'd actually painstakingly scraped about 100 years of gloppy paint off the damn thing -- & we debated between clear-coating it (b/c the scraped up door did look kinda cool) or just sucking it up & painting it.

needless to say, it's painted now & it looks fucking awesome. the bathroom still needs a hell of a lot of work & the thought of how expensive it will be kind of makes me want to barf, but most of what we could do ourselves at this stage has been done: new sink, new toilet, new shower curtain rod, new shower curtain (x2, actually, b/c a crazy orange cat with fluffy pants shredded the first one), new medicine cabinet, new linens, new trashcan, new door, new light fixture, new paint. (what could possibly remain, you ask -- try new tub, new walls in the shower (i'm sure the drywall is rotted behind that horrible sleeve), tiled walls in the shower, new window in the shower (the rotted wood is appalling), new ceiling, new shower fixtures, new tub fixtures, oh, & potentially changing the direction of the tub altogether. by the way, this may necessitate removing the floor we put in & possibly tiling. i know.)

antique *grass* bathroom

antique *grass* bathroom

Hemp in the ceiling and smoked Bamboo on the floors. our latest DIY project in progress. the *grass* bathroom. when we get the recuperated flooring, i'll make a lime milk paint to do an antique white wash and we'll put them on the ceiling. more to come... as the weekends unfold.

bamboo flooring bathroom

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Bamboo Flooring Chicago

bamboo flooring chicago

  • A city in northeastern Illinois, on Lake Michigan; pop. 2,896,016. Chicago developed during the 19th century as a major grain market and food-processing center

  • largest city in Illinois; a bustling Great Lakes port that extends 26 miles along the southwestern shoreline of Lake Michigan

  • Chicago ( or ) is the largest city in both Illinois and the Midwest, and the third most populous city in the United States, with over 2.8 million residents. Its metropolitan area, commonly named "Chicagoland," is the 26th most populous in the world, home to an estimated 9.

  • Michigan: a gambling card game in which chips are placed on the ace and king and queen and jack of separate suits (taken from a separate deck); a player plays the lowest card of a suit in his hand and successively higher cards are played until the sequence stops; the player who plays a card

Interior Design Project - Cybul Family Room - Chicago

Interior Design Project - Cybul Family Room - Chicago

Williams-Sonoma Home Taylor Chairs, Sullivan Side Table, Presidio Settee, Bamboo Floor Lamp, Diamond Wool Rug

Wide shot : : Showing IKEA Expedit Bookcase (hacked)

Wide shot : : Showing IKEA Expedit Bookcase (hacked)

The IKEA Expedit bookshelf on the right-
had been in another spot prior to the rehab!

bamboo flooring chicago

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Buy Engineered Hardwood Flooring. High Velocity Floor Fan. Compare Prices Laminate Flooring.

Buy Engineered Hardwood Flooring

buy engineered hardwood flooring

  • building material used in laying floors

  • The boards or other material of which a floor is made

  • floor: the inside lower horizontal surface (as of a room, hallway, tent, or other structure); "they needed rugs to cover the bare floors"; "we spread our sleeping bags on the dry floor of the tent"

  • (floored) provided with a floor

  • Procure the loyalty and support of (someone) by bribery

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Rogers Building - 1912

Rogers Building - 1912

470 Granville Street, Vancouver, BC

Picture the corner of Pender and Granville in 1913, when Vancouver cars and streetcars were still on the “wrong” side of the street.

You also have a good view of the Rogers Building which has been standing at the north-east corner of Pender and Granville for more than 90 years. (Construction began in 1911, the building opened in 1912.) It gets its name from Jonathan Rogers, who can be counted among Vancouver's earliest pioneers. In 1949 Peter Carter-Page wrote in The Province that Rogers' story is largely Vancouver's.

Rogers, Carter-Page told us, was born in Plas Onn, Denbighshire, Wales, and until he was 15 spoke not one word of English. He arrived in Vancouver, a fresh-faced youth of 22, in May of 1887—aboard that famed first CPR train from Montreal. Rogers was the first passenger to step off the train, and he recalled that the Vancouver City Band struck up the tune See the Conquering Hero Comes. Rogers later confessed, with some embarrassment, that he thought the band was playing it for him, as the first person to emerge from the train.

The city was a simpler place then: Rogers could recall when horse races were run down Granville Street.

He liked the place so much he stayed for the rest of his life, nearly 60 years more. Twenty-six of those years were spent on the city's park board, nine of them as chairman. He also served twice as an alderman, and twice as president of the board of trade (1914 and 1915).

But he began simply, as a painter, helping to paint the first Hotel Vancouver. He later became a builder and contractor, and it's said that more than 300 metres (1,000 feet) of Granville Street footage was built by him. The building for which he will be best remembered—and not just because it's named for him—is the Rogers Building.

Seattle architects

This 10-storey beauty was designed by a Seattle firm, Gould and Champney. The October 20, 1911 issue of B.C. Saturday Sunset gave some of the details of “what promises to be one the finest office buildings on the Pacific Coast . . .” The building, said Sunset, “is designed along the lines of the modern French Renaissance (with an) exterior of polished Glasgow granite, in combination with cream-colored terra cotta facing . . . All the interior finish woodwork is to be of hardwood with white Italian marble corridors and stairs throughout . . . . The building will be a monument to Alderman Rogers, whose faith in the future of this city is exemplified in the erection of a building which, when completed, will represent an expenditure of nearly $600,000.”

Writing in The Greater Vancouver Book, Sean Rossiter says: “Carl F. Gould was a Seattle architect who had mastered that city's terra cotta material—glazed tiles formed into classical details with weather-resistant qualities appropriate to this climate. When the worldwide collapse of lumber prices in 1910 ended Seattle's boom, Gould and other architects travelled the short distance north to Vancouver where higher prices persisted because of B.C.'s access to British markets. Gould's Rogers Building (1911-12) at 470 Granville is one sumptuous example of what architects from a more sophisticated city could do in booming Vancouver.”


The Rogers Building was a hit. His years of study of office buildings were rewarded when, after the building had been operating for a while, builders in other cities began to write and ask for copies of the plans.

“I feel that I am parting with an old friend,” Rogers said in September of 1927 when he sold the building to General F. A. ‘One Arm’ Sutton. The old friend went for a sum “exceeding $1 million.” It was the largest real estate transaction in the city to that time.

William Mercer remembers the Rogers Building well. He worked in it for 25 years, starting in 1938, first as the building engineer, later as the manager. “Oh, I remember all that white marble,” Mercer told us. “It was even down in the basement. They had a huge barbershop down there, it must have been the most ornate in the city; it opened in 1913. Eighteen chairs, plate-glass mirrors on every wall, marble pillars. Do you remember McLeod's Restaurant down there? Fifteen-foot ceilings!”

That barbershop was famous. “For more than half a century,” Tony Eberts wrote in 1973 in the Province, “it was a meeting place, an exchange for news, gossip and stock market tips, a basement oasis of relaxation and luxury—and a good spot to get a haircut.”

One of the patrons of the shop back then was the pioneer lawyer and politician Leon Ladner, who at the time Tony wrote had been getting his hair cut there for more than 50 years. But his longevity was exceeded by one of the barbers, Len Percival, who retired in 1962 after more than 60 years as a barber. More than a hundred of his businessmen customers gathered in the shop to wish Len well.

Mercer had another memory: “Mr. Rogers got the building back from One-Arm Sutton, you know. Oh, yes. One-Arm had pretty grandiose plans, but th

The wood makes it good!

The wood makes it good!

We bought 13 boxes of engineered hardwood flooring last summer. And did nothing.

Until now.

buy engineered hardwood flooring

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Cascada evacuate the dancefloor mediafire - Plastic floor.

Cascada Evacuate The Dancefloor Mediafire

cascada evacuate the dancefloor mediafire

  • "Dancefloor" is the third single from the North London indie group The Holloways. It debuted at #41 in the UK charts. Its title track was included in The Holloways' debut album So This is Great Britain?.

  • MediaFire is a free file and image hosting web site that started in 2006 and is located in Harris County, Texas, United States. The domain attracted almost nine million visitors annually by 2008 according to a study.

  • empty completely; "evacuate the bottle"

  • Remove (someone) from a place of danger to a safe place

  • Leave or cause the occupants to leave (a place of danger)

  • (of troops) Withdraw from (a place)

  • move people from their homes or country

  • move out of an unsafe location into safety; "After the earthquake, residents were evacuated"

  • Cascada ( ) is a German eurodance group active since 2004. They are most famous for their songs "Everytime We Touch" which won them a World Music Award in 2007 as well as becoming the group's first number one single, "What Hurts the Most" which reached the charts in 2008, and "Evacuate the

  • Las Cascadas Water Park is a water park, in Aguadilla, Puerto Rico. The park is the largest water park in the Caribbean region. The park is owned and administered by the City of Aguadilla.

cascada evacuate the dancefloor mediafire - Topo North

Topo North America 9.0

Topo North America 9.0

Topo North America is the most complete mapping software available for outdoor recreation, with unsurpassed maps, available imagery, trip planning features, on road navigation, and GPS capabilities. Scout your destination as if you were there, anywhere in the U.S. and Canada, with up to date terrain, trail, and road detail. Explore or fly over realistic 3-D. Import aerial imagery. Route your travels over roads and trails. See elevation profiles. Customize and print maps at a wide range of scales. Then, navigate worry-free anywhere from the Yukon to the Rio Grande. Everything you need comes in the box: *Complete U.S. and Canada topographic maps and detailed streets *Major roads for Mexico*Over 4 million places-of-interest in the U.S. and Canada *Extensive U.S. trails network and public lands, including BLM *Flexible printing choices *Ability to share your custom maps over the internet, and more. Adding local roads to routing is a DeLorme exclusive, this is the best way to update local roads when new developments are planned or added between DeLorme software releases. This tool lets you draw in the road segment, connecting it to another local road within the database. Assign a name, save it, and when you create automatic routes, the software is smart enough to include these new roads in the routing calculations and also update the directions. In addition to the enhanced topographic and street maps in Topo North America, your purchase includes a $40 Data Certificate, good for supplementary data as Web downloads. Options include USGS 1:24,000, Natural Resources Canada 1:50,000 quad maps, NOAA nautical charts, and aerial imagery. Unlike online map and imagery sources, DeLorme data downloads can be integrated with Topo North America maps. Use the split-screen editing capability to identify and mark structures, landmarks, navigation markers, new roads and trails, and other features with pinpoint GPS accuracy. Topo North America 9.0 does it all.

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MediaFire Scheduled Maintenance Has Progress Bar

MediaFire Scheduled Maintenance Has Progress Bar

MediaFire’s maintenance page has a progress bar so user can gauge how long the update will go before the site is back up. Most sites have timeframe.




cascada evacuate the dancefloor mediafire

cascada evacuate the dancefloor mediafire

Bad As Me [Limited Deluxe Edition]

Throughout his career, Tom Waits has created milestone albums that serve both to refine the music that has come before, and to signal a new phase in his career: Rain Dogs and Mule Variations are both counted by fans as among these pivotal works. Now comes Bad As Me, his first studio album of all new music in seven years, which finds Tom Waits in possibly the finest voice of his career and at the height of his songwriting powers, working with a veteran team of gifted musicians and longtime co-writer/producer Kathleen Brennan. From the opening horn-fueled chug of “Chicago,” to the closing barroom chorale of “New Year’s Eve,” Bad As Me displays the full career range of Waits’ songwriting, from beautiful ballads like “Last Leaf,” to the avant cinematic soundscape of “Hell Broke Luce,” a battlefront dispatch. On tracks like “Talking at the Same Time,” Waits shows off a supple falsetto, while on blues burners like “Raised Right Men” and the gospel tinged “Satisfied” he spits, stutters and howls. Like a good boxer, these songs are lean and mean, with strong hooks and tight running times. And there is a pervasive sense of players delighting in each other’s musical company that brings a feeling of loose joy even to the album’s saddest songs. Bad As Me is a Tom Waits album for the ages.

The limited edition deluxe package includes a 40 page book and 16 songs on 2 CDs.

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Ceramic Floor Tile Buy : First Floor Mullingar : Pregnancy Pelvic Floor.

Ceramic Floor Tile Buy

ceramic floor tile buy

    floor tile
  • a ceramic tile or natural stone tile durable enough to withstand traffic and abrasion.

  • A ceramic, glazed or unglazed paver, quarry or mosaic tile resistant to abrasion and impact.

  • Glazed or unglazed tiles of sufficient strength, impact and abrasion resistance to withstand the weight and wear of foot traffic.

  • an artifact made of hard brittle material produced from nonmetallic minerals by firing at high temperatures

  • (ceramics) the art of making and decorating pottery

  • Pots and other articles made from clay hardened by heat

  • The material from which such articles are made

  • of or relating to or made from a ceramic; "a ceramic dish"

  • The art of making such articles

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ceramic floor tile buy - Black &

Black & Decker The Complete Guide to Decorating with Ceramic Tile: Innovative Techniques & Patterns for Floors, Walls, Backsplashes & Accents (Black & Decker Complete Guide)

Black & Decker The Complete Guide to Decorating with Ceramic Tile: Innovative Techniques & Patterns for Floors, Walls, Backsplashes & Accents (Black & Decker Complete Guide)

The ceramic tile renaissance continues, and in this major revision of America's best-selling DIY tile book, all the newest designs and installation innovations are included. It's traditional with a twist. Now expanded to 272 pages, this book includes all of the basics and traditional techniques as well as new projects for revamping tile walls with designer accent tiles, dressing up existing drab surfaces with fresh decorative tile, creating wall art with mosaic tiles, designing with large or three-dimensional tiles, using tile to add an artistic element to any room, and working with specialty tile—to enhance both outdoor and interior living spaces. This book shares all of the designer trends and prized secrets to allow readers to customize their homes with style.
Ceramic tile is the luxury surface of choice for today's homeowners, and Black & Decker The Complete Guide to Decorating with Ceramic Tile is the only book they'll need to achieve professional-level designer tile installations while saving thousands of dollars.
The book includes more than 700 gorgeous color photos, more than 100 new to this edition. America's best-selling book on do-it-yourself ceramic tile installation just got even better.

Working with glass and Italian accent tiles
Includes marble, granite and other natural stone tiles
Includes decorative uses as well as traditional applications

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Ceramic Tiled Flooring

Ceramic Tiled Flooring

Today was dismal. It was raining raining raining when my son, Nicholas took me to see a house that he has just bought. But the misery of the day was was considerably relieved by the ceramic tiles in the vestibule of the house. I like ceramic tiles, and ajulezos, and mosaics, and any decoration of that sort.

tiles and french press

tiles and french press

tiles i bought for my bathroom. the fancy one is from a set of four truman bought at a yard sale (for $2!). the light blue watercolory one is a crackle glaze. the glass tiles will be a border of sorts -- a 'belly band,' says my brother in law. these will go into the floor (the ceramic ones, anyway) tomorrow!

ceramic floor tile buy

ceramic floor tile buy

Bonakemi WM700059002 Stone, Tile, And Laminate Floor Cleaner

Specially formulated for cleaning all types of hard surface floors including laminate, ceramic tile, vinyl, sealed marble, and sealed granite. Also great for sealed counter tops. This product is designed to be used full strength as packaged; do not dilute. Nontoxic and nonflammable. Waterbased formula. PH neutral, leaves no dulling residue. Environmental choice. Use of this product on unsealed marble, granite, or grout lines may cause staining. Nontoxic, Greenguard Certified. No. WM700059002: 36 oz. No. WM700056002: 160 oz.

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